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We give homeowners personalized comfort and control by providing expert installations and customized services. From eco-friendly climate control and mind-blowing home entertainment, to the latest in high-tech security and surveillance, Control Freaks is your top residential resource for the very best in individualized domestic setups.



Sometimes, keeping a close eye on your business can be the difference between breaking even and really breaking the mold. By taking advantage of Control Freak’s complete commercial offerings – audio/video, visitor tracking, total security, and more – we can help you increase your bottom line and safeguard your business against theft or unwanted intrusion.


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We put the control back in your hands

At Control Freaks, we put total convenience right at your fingertips. Our high-tech installations give you complete control of your entire home or business at the push of a button. Everything from home installations (with integrated audio, video, and even thermostat) to business surveillance and key-fob entry can be customized to your exact specifications. Using our comprehensive capabilities, we make it our mission to design a system that is easy to use yet intricate enough to control everything you need.

Our company has never been tied to any specific brands and we choose the top products from many manufacturers. We focus on high-performance machinery, for both home and business owners, and ensure green, energy-efficient installations to save on energy costs. Control Freaks’ mobile service will come to you, wherever you are, to keep things connected and to provide easy, personalized management.

Contact us today to schedule your next appointment, and let us show you how keeping control can benefit you, now and for the future.


  • Great for home and business owners alike
  • Control TV, Audio/Imagining, Surveillance, Security, and Thermostat, all at the push of a button
  • Green, energy-efficient products to help save you more on operating costs


  1. Get a certified, professional installation from Control Freaks
  2. Set the system to your customized specifications (automated date, time, and energy-usage)
  3. Enjoy the high-tech convenience and security of your personalized control system.